Moments That Count


Sometimes, life takes backward steps for good. This is the time when life stands

still and it feels even better to realize that a journey of togetherness matters not

those unpleasant days that god bestowed upon us as challenge. It’s quite easy to

part ways when problems arise but certainly there is an enormous amount of joy

to experience life as a part and parcel of roller coaster. A marital journey is all

about being together in happy times and at dire situations as well.

Far from the world of madding crowds, the two loving souls sitting alongside each

other and relishing a few priceless solitary moments being witnessed by the

nature. Embracing each other’s good and bad qualities makes nuptial knot a

heavenly made and all the more interesting.

Human life is such a misery or bliss that no one has ever mastered the art of

knowing exactly what life has in store for us in the future. Change is the only

constant phenomenon that will keep happening inside and outside the planet

earth. Humans need to stay calm and cool while accepting the same and passing

through those tough times.

Remembering the days gone by, the two lovely people recall moments of

togetherness for which they fought all long, carrying the burden of responsibilities

on each other’s shoulder without a single hitch. Marriages are made in heaven

but memories are not. During youth age life moves speedily without any halt or

even a moment to look back but old age is just the opposite. Body becomes

fragile, hands shake and even the eyes deceive. What make life sweeter are the

charming memories that a couple enjoyed during one’s young age and pressing

rewind button inside their minds at the old age.

Who is better to realize it than the ever flowing water? It knows no boundaries

created by mankind. Transcending across the narrow lanes, lovely ponds, gigantic

rivers or even the largest oceans and seas, it is this consistency that paves the way

for the water to finds its own destination without paying heed to the obstructions

created by the humans. Similarly, Humans should also proceed with the tough

times and sail like how the water does as per the demand of the situation.



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