The most valuable gift you can receive is an honest friend!

Just as life progresses, the wings of relationship also land them to test the person in different circumstances. Friendship is not an exception. Time gives it a new form everyday, a new definition with every phase. That is the beauty of friendship. Unbounded, unbiased and unconfined, this bond is the best of all the relationships we carry. It begins with no contract , goes with no protocol and blossoms by no condition. It grows when something new is discovered each day. While love needs passion to stay, friendship only needs a hand to hold a person. When no other relation helps you, friendship breaks all the obstacles.

Although it is innocent in its nature but it is strong enough to give you mental peace and inner strength whenever you feel broken.All other relations challenge it time and again. It is law of nature that everything should be given appropriate time. And every relation has its own importance. So balancing all of them is not very easy. People in our lives cannot be taken for granted and at the same time each one needs his / her space.

Your buddies are the part and parcel of your social life. They make you fall, stand,relax,fight,learn, forget,stay active,feel lazy and much more. They are the ones who will teach you to cheat in exams, enjoy the whole semester, mark proxies during attendance and most importantly stay calm with low scores. They give you the comfort level that helps to achieve targets. You not only need them when thousand problems are hovering your mind but you also need them to share your victory. Their opinion would be needed for your love life as well! They protect you from teachers, when you are afraid your parents would scold or even when your wife would be annoyed.

They will accompany you with all sorts of games and group studies and understand what time you need solitude. Some stay for years and some can add colors to your life for a certain period. People come and leave. They interact with you with this beautiful bonding.

So whoever you find as a friend, just make the moments worthy enough to become the memories to cherish thereafter.

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