The Look in the Eyes

It has been scientifically proven that eyes function according to what brain responds and its movement is in sync with our thoughts. A person can clearly suspect the underlying secrets if eyes are carefully observed. In similar way as body language reflects your attitude and nature, eyes also speak the biggest truth.

Often we have seen a few common traits of eyes that emanate the personality of a person. For instance when a person shuts the eyelids he is hiding some secret. If someone moves the eyeballs towards right, he is mocking or lying. If eyes bulge out, it indicates desire or greed. If a person cannot look directly into someone’s eyes, he has certain sentiments related to that individual. The frequent oscillation of eyeballs imply the cunning behavior or higher degree of thought process. Iris also has a splash of different colors that reveal many things about the individual.

The brown colored eyes indicate that the person is not trustworthy. On the contrary, person with black iris
is very loyal and committed. Eyes widely set are owned by philosophical people whereas those which are closely set are stubborn and confident of their actions. So the structure and the formation of the eyes connect well to the individual’s features.

They are the doors to our soul. So speak out your attitude to the fullest to the outer world. Give positive gestures to embark a beautiful journey of strong bonds with people. Eyes are precious, protect them. And if possible donate your eyes so that one who doesn’t have can see the world through your eyes.

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