Story of a mouse rescued from “Glue-Trap”

They are uninvited guests in our homes, aka ‘Intruders’ which are not welcomed by anyone. But are ‘Glue-Traps’ the only feasible way to get rid of them ? I guess not! In fact it is possibly the most cruel way of killing them. ‘Glue Trap’ is the worst nightmare for not just a rodent but any living creature that gets trapped in it.

Following is a possible sequence of thoughts of this rodent that was rescued after being trapped on a glue board for several hours:

I didn’t know how it when wrong, what crime I had committed that I was left to die via dehydration, starvation like this. I was only looking for food and shelter which is necessary for survival, I never intended to hurt anyone except when I had to defend myself against my enemy’s attack. The only thing that I saw was food, I could never imagine that it could be a trap else I would’ve controlled my greed to extinguish my hunger and stayed away from it. I had no hope of surviving through this life-threatening situation but as they say “One should never give up or loose hope until it is over”, I was on the verge of giving up after endless tries to get rid of this sticky substance which only tightened its grip on me after each try.

The one who had set this trap for me appeared after few hours to confirm if I got trapped or not. He showed no mercy on me and instantaneously decided to get rid of me from his house. The next thing I remember is being thrown out in the open on top of garbage bin obliterated to die. I couldn’t even think of defending myself against any predator because I was so badly stuck that I couldn’t move a muscle. I didn’t know what to do so I decided to say my final prayers before I die. Perhaps God heard my prayers and suddenly appeared in front of me in form of a human child. At first he assumed that I was dead already but I dared to show some resistance & that I still had some fight left in me and luckily he acknowledged that.

He took me to his house with him and started to figure out a way to set me free from the trap. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, he first tried to rescue me with his physical strength but soon he realized that it was perhaps not the correct method to do the job. He soon figured out another solution i.e. combination of physical strength with warmish water. At last after few attempts he managed to detach me from the trap. But this was still not enough, I could hardly breathe / eat as I was enveloped with glue all over my body, I couldn’t even walk since my paws were glued to each other. My liberator hadn’t lost hope and I was gaining confidence that I could survive and live on. He used the same technique again to ensure that I could walk and gain some mobility. He must have realized that I could be hungry as well so he gave me a piece of chocolate that he was eating. I gulped it up immediately without any delay, I was almost certain now that I would live on.

He then released me in open ground nearby, I was not at my best but still I managed to sprint across into a safe spot where predators couldn’t track / hunt me down. It was a strange sequence of events for me where I became acquainted with two sides of human race, one filled with selfishness, cruelty and no mercy or respect for other living beings and other full of care, kindness and constructive mind.

If you find any such being trapped on a “Glue-Trap” then please show some mercy and rescue him into the open. Please watch the below video as an example for the same.


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