My Princess’s Car

Since her childhood, she has been very particular about materialistic things, from her toy car to her duster that she owns now! A very daring audacious attitude and comparing herself with boys of the same age have never seemed
surprising for me. Like other fathers, I too have given her what she needed without making her realize what I can afford and what not.

Time flied and she grew up as a interior designer.Seeing her passion towards trend and love for modern art, we never questioned about her aspiration of becoming a freelancer. Our faith in her made her more open towards acquiring more and more design projects that came in her way of career, visiting sites, dealing with customers and building her competitive edge without caring about the timings.

Naina, my spouse had started complaining about her carefree nature, not being inclined towards the idea of marriage and her way beyond independent outlook towards society. She had made her standards, be it her accessories, her dresses, her cell phone and the list is endless.By this moment, she had even ordered a new car.

But the misfortune was calling, I would have never thought that such financial crisis would hit my family, but it was hard to reveal this to my daughter. Being the only child, we always cared for her relentlessly and giving her signal to marry soon was the only choice, because I didn’t want her see that her parents are sacrificing for little money. Our savings were just enough for her marriage.

And the days went worse. Naina, knowing her open mindedness, took the decision to convince her through other ways. Being an obedient family person, she agreed for the wedding. We were happy, After calculating the expenses and the million things her parents wanted to line up for her gifts, she opposed the custom of spending too much on wedding and finally we ended up with a sea of arguments. Eventually she came to know about the economic problem. She decided to cancel the car she had ordered and asked me to accept her savings as a tribute. I was feeling like a father who lost the battle of making monetary arrangements up to the mark.

Then I assured her there is no need to cancel the order, because she had been very curious of buying her own car. I promised her that I will soon make everything like before and accepted her token of love. I was left with tears with the thought how our little princess was grown so mature and understanding that she was ready to sacrifice her own belongings for her parents.

Who can say that only sons are better !!

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