Because there is no one like a Mother

What is the description of the word ‘Mother’ ?? She is the person who takes complete care of your health since your birth till she’s alive. She is the one who makes sure that you stay happy through out your life. To her, it does not matter where you are, she will always keep thinking about you, missing you and wants you to be safe and happy at the same time. She is the one to whom you can openly express your thoughts, she is the one who would correct you over your mistakes & handover her advice once you are about to commit any mistake.

She is the ultimate guide of your life, no one can ever take her place. She is the one who loves you more than anyone else in this world. She is the one who never forgets any of her children, does not matter if they are 1 or 100 in count. She is the one you seek for help first when you are in trouble, she is the one you approach whenever u need anything & she will make sure that each of your wish is full-filled. She wants you to succeed and get the best of everything in life hence she puts you in front of her own wishes and sacrifices her own desires as depicted in the above picture.

“She’s the only one who works 24*7 365 days for us without any salary”. Hang on, that’s not true!! her salary is your happiness, your appreciation for her efforts, your love and affection towards her in response. All of this acts as the ‘kick’ that keeps her going. Your Grand-Mother also falls under the same category so please don’t differentiate much between them since she’s the one who steps into the shoes of your mom when your mother is not around.

This Mother’s Day, show them how much you love them, take them out for lunch/dinner, express your feelings with gifts she would like, buy a beautiful bouquet of most beautiful flowers for them and I am sure you’ll smile with them and you’ll cherish those moments.

So all my dear friends, respect your mother and your grand-mother too as they are the ultimate & the most precious gift of God to us God Bless! 🙂

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