Losing passion of Patriotism

We, the biggest republic, citizens of country that was slave for more than two hundred years should now be concerned towards diminishing love for our nation. It is not just a measurement of how many Indians enrol for army or how many clear the tests for civil examinations. It is a realization of responsibility that should stay in everyone’s conscience and a sense of respect that must be given to all the soldiers or freedom fighters who have made great sacrifices. It revolves around paying attention to all those restrictions India is fighting from and a audacious heart that would fight with everything on its way to establish complete ‘Swaraj’.

In a fictitious scenario where the country will be presided over by other nations, there will be very few Lal Bal Pals. The nation is in the strong need of leaders who can write the future of the country. The politicians should prove themselves as the workers of the Constitution, rather than indulged in making undue advantage of powers given. For today’s developing country where foreign brands are more in than native businesses struggling to make profits, it is tough to discover an independent person who would sacrifice his own life for the sake of country’s survival.

Instead of being thankful to what we have been provided without asking anything, we , the “Indians” find Independence day and Republic Day as much awaited holidays. Holidays not for paying homage to Shahids but holidays to relax and enjoy. Carefree and unquestionable: this is the definition of today’s young blood. They would be seen in cinemas and pubs but won’t be able to prove themselves as a true Indian.

So it is very important to encourage our children: future of tomorrow to start off with concern towards the nation. Begin organizing some activities or platform for them to demonstrate what betterment they can do for India. Spread awareness towards duties of a citizen and guide them to a righteous path. Adopt good qualities so that they could grasp certain habits just by looking you. Introduce them to great people like Abdul Kalam and show them what all things are left to be done for the improvement. Build a healthy society with relevant protocols. Leave behind superstitious forms of practices, demolish the idea of religion boundaries. Abandon wars, establish peace. Paralyze corruption, abide by the system. Forget riots, let harmony flourish everywhere!

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