Life of 2015

And here begins the journey, our first station, our school a place where we went without our parents. Everyone here is stranger, we don’t find any known faces, at first we cried but slowly these strangers became our friends our guide. Here we learnt how to learn and how to make strangers friends.

Here comes the next station,our college. We are grown up now, some known and some strange faces. Here we learnt what we are going to do in our lives. Met many people,some friends,some enemies and some very special. We were so busy in our journey that we forgot that next station is about to come….

Next station, our job. It is something we always dream about…. here we met people who are called as colleagues. Everyone here is busy. For some people their job is their world,they forget that there is a life outside this office, well this keeps on going and other station keeps on coming.

The journey of life ends ,the moment we take our last breath. All the things are part of life but sometimes we give so much time to a particular part that we forget that it is just a part… So stop living parts and start living life. The journey is very small, nobody knows when it will end so its better to live each and every moment and make this journey beautiful….

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