Home Grown Tomatoes in Pots

It’s very easy to grow tomatoes in pots, if you’re looking to start your own vegetable garden then tomatoes are the perfect choice to start with. You can grow tomatoes in following easy steps:

1. Use a plastic glass(not too big, not too small) and make hole at its bottom for the water to drain out just like we do for a pot. Fill it half with potting soil.

2. Take couple of tomato seeds and place them an inch deep into the soil, bury the seeds after that. Next water the soil so that it settles down nicely.

3. Keep the glass in full sun and keep it hydrated too. After 7-10 days, your plant will start growing as below.

4. Once it starts growing, keep it hydrated and let its height cross the top of of the glass. You’ll be able to see the       roots growing as well inside the glass at the same time.


5. Now your plant is ready to shift to bigger pot. You need to keep your pot ready (Preferably of 12 inches depth) filled with potting soil.

6. Next you need to make space in the pot for your plant to fit into.

7. Now remove the plant from plastic glass, you can do this by peeling off the plastic like a banana.

8. Place the plant in the pot, make sure you place it deep enough to immerse it completely in the pot.

9. Now cover the soil properly in one layer and then add a layer of manure/fertilizer over it.

10. Water it well and don’t let drought take effect over it due to less watering else your plant may die. The end product should look somewhat like this.

Let’s get started!!

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