Happy Janamashtami

Birth of Lord Krishna

Since our childhood we have been hearing stories of Devakinandan Krishna’s birth, his naughtiness, audacity and holiness. And also the religious teachings of the great Bhagwad Gita which gives us the essence of life and death, sin and good, faith and disbelief, body and soul and what not.

The life of lord Krishna was not excluded from this epic. It mentioned the evolution of new world ‘Kalyuga’ after dwaparyuga would come to an end. But it also emphasized that whenever humanity or religion will be challenged on grounds of good and evil, Lord will take birth in some form to establish the absolute truth.

Modern era might seem to be the outcome of advance technology but it is solely driven by human. Despite of too many machines and robots, a man becomes helplessly bound in circumstances. Life is not about inventions , it is about discoveries of sustainable future. The question is when everything is logical, how and why a person finds mistrust among his fellows, is unanswerable to hurdles that he encountered without his faults and witness loads of prosperity but all alone within?

Here comes the picture where karma plays its role. Sooner or later you come across results that are driven by your own deeds. So there is one giant form of lord Krishna standing in front of us : our present. It is speaking out what our soul wants to achieve further; a seemless need of worldly things or a peaceful escape from all fears and desires.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Janamashtami!! 🙂

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