Dreams of Open Eyes

Yes, guys and girls both have expectations from their lives after wedlock. Still due to differences
created by customs and society, there is a whole lot change in life of girls. So their anticipation
from the new chapter is naturally very crucial. Their expectations from the life partner as well as
his family are obvious. It is ultimately the behavior of in-laws which decides the future
of the girl.

A woman is considered to be imaginative and her mind draws the picture of her future husband so
peculiar that she wants to stay beside the man of her dreams exactly how she admires. Her strong
character helps her so that she holds dozens of family members without a single complain. No man can
imagine his life without a role of a woman; whether she is a mother, daughter, sister, wife or a
friend.Although a woman is very complicated by nature, she is always clear of her emotions. Her compassion
towards her family and the warmth she shares in every relationship is speechless.

Despite of being bounded by so many traditions and rituals, she stands by her family and ensures
a healthy atmosphere in the home.So after making so many compromises and committing her life for
in-laws, she deserves to be treated the way her parents looked after her before marriage.

A girl would wish a transparent behavior from her new family. She would want a trustworthy bond
with her husband where she can frankly share her opinion. Her thoughts consists of a prosperous
house where she is able to serve, care and nourish the dear ones. She longs to stand upfront in
case of any difficulties and assures herself to be ready for any compromises needed in bad times.
She finds happiness in cooking and house-holding.

She drapes responsibilities around her and makes it her personality. She loves to be recognized from her new name.She wishes to be the angel who would bring a bunch of happiness in your life. So respect her to the utmost. Let her prove her potential as a good wife. Giving her rights would make your family the best you could ever imagine.

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