My Father is the Best !!

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. — Jim Valvano

I wouldn’t had stood after my first fall if nobody had given me the courage to try again. Every time I fell, my mom came running towards me to see if I am fine or not but my dad kept standing at a distance, watching me fall and seek out for his help but never came up to help. All he did was to show me his hand that I knew would hold me tight enough that I won’t fall again. And this gave me the courage to stand again, run towards him and walk another mile with him.

Had he not shown his faith in me, I would never had walked that extra mile…

A father manages to be the strongest person for his children, does not matter how shattered he is. He manages to trust them, does not matter how big mistake they have done earlier.. I remember an incident where me and my dad were both feeling bad about my performance in exams. I was sitting alone and suddenly I heard a “knock knock” sound and there I saw a gift waiting for me with a message – “It does not matter that you have not done well, what matters is that not doing well bothers you”. This line changed my life and I started setting a fixed target for myself after that.

Fathers usually talk less, but whatever they speak is something great to learn from. I have never had those long interactive sessions with my dad, but all the conversations we had have been precise and worth.
I am sure we all must have learnt something great from our dad.And the best part is that you don’t even have to pay the tuition fees to them. All they need is your smile when that conversation ends.
I am sure everyone of us agree to the fact they can bring a smile on your face by giving us the best of everything and we have that little advantage of just showing them the love and care they deserve and they are the happiest people in this big universe. Undoubtedly, we have taken advantage of this fact many times. And we would surely continue to do that.
So keep smiling as this brings the light in their life as well as in yours.

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