Because your Parents know you better

Ayan , my four year old child is very special for me. He is my everything, he is my world .This feeling I know is not confined within these words and neither felt by me alone. Every child is darling for his mother! A toddler without saying anything had carried away every emptiness from my heart. I was filled with emotions like every other mother. Since the day he entered my life, a responsible mother also started her journey.

Beginning with tiny steps and feeling comfort in my arms, he has grown enough to just pull my arm and ask for things he wishes. With each day passing by, he learns a different chapter of life. So it is important to guide him the right path from the very beginning of his understanding of things. He has just finished his pre-nursery. Being a working mother, I have to ensure not only of his needs but also of his learning and orientation.

After knowing the modern day’s curriculum and educational pattern in so called ‘A’ grade schools, I have decided to continue his schooling in some other decent school for a couple of years. The reason might not sound great but nowadays where everything goes by trend. We , the parents and the society has imposed many to-dos and not-to-dos for our children. With the thought of establishing a successful career and in the name of being called as “proud parents”, race has begun from a very early stage. All are continually striving in training our tiny tots in everything, be it skating,horse riding, swimming, karate, news recitation, technology and what not.

The idea is , this will take up the precious time of enjoying his childhood. There is no point of making him indulge into things for which he is very small to realize. Let nature take its course and give your kid some time to experience each day with full satisfaction so that by the time he comes through options and participates by his own willingness, he is prepared for that activity. A year or two won’t take away chances from a child to fulfill his dream.Let him play, roam, jump, fall and then gradually concentrate on what he wants to achieve. That is what I wanted to share through my experience, hoping you won’t let your child struggle through the menace of today’s educational system.

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