#DoYouKnow it was A Concert to Remember

Date: 22nd September’2016 Venue: Kingdom Of Dreams, Gurugram, India.

It was an evening more than worth to remember for life, because it was an absolute treat to watch The Superstar and King of Punjabi music #DiljitDosanjh perform live in front of you. Although the arrangements were not up to the mark but was considerable in the short time the event managers got for arranging all the stuff. The crowd was in early and the name “Diljit” was chanted repeatedly in anticipation of his arrival on stage.The event was supposed to start at 7 pm but it got terribly late as the main event started at 8:30 pm. Since it was a standing event, the crowd got restless pretty soon and the host and advertisers got some real not so friendly expressions from them.

But everyone forgot their emotions and were filled with joy as finally the superstar arrived on stage. Everyone had their mobiles lifted for clicking pictures and recording videos. Some of the fans had got presents for him which he gracefully accepted. I have watched his movies and songs and trust me, it was hard to tell the difference between his performance in movies and his live performance. One can say without doubt that he’s a very down to earth person who loves whatever he does.

Everyone was surprised to see #Badshah on stage, probably Diljit too 😛 . He had come to meet Diljit probably and Diljit welcomed him like a brother. Both of them were also seen dancing on the beats of one of the most famous hots of Diljit i.e. Radio Song. As requested by Diljit himself, below is the video we’ve recorded and uploaded on Youtube of this event:

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjX2SgSL98s&feature=youtu.be”]

Though I would’ve liked to meet him but still it was a really good experience to hear him live. 🙂

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